Monday, September 29, 2008

Class Update...

I know It's been a few days since I last posted. In class we have been studying the feudal system. Last week we watched some short videos that gave the kids a feel for what life was like for nobles, knights and peasants. The students took notes on these videos using a two column format that they are also using in science and language arts. I collected the Europe Maps on Friday as well, and it looks like the students did a tremendous job. I'll be grading them over the next week or so. Finally, the chapter 2 quiz will be on Wednesday October 1st.

As far as some other odds and ends:

1. The first progresss report is this Friday 10/3. Most students are doing fine so will be the next progress report that really tells the tale.

2. I have created a class contest on the website <> so that students can see how they do in a virtual world of buying and selling stocks. Thanks to a parent for recommending this. I'll use the contest and site to teach students some economic lessons. It seems appropriate given the current economic woes on wall street. I'll be taking each class to the lab once a week to sign up and do thier trading, but they can also do it from home.

3. Lastly, I have created a podcast that students/parents can download onto their mp3 players. If you go to the Itunes store and search Mr. Talmadge, you should find the podcast(s).

That's it for now.

Mr. T

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