Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Computer Lab Instructions

Computer Lab Instructions



1.  Continue researching online using the keywords list  for your topic.


2.  Continue adding links to the appropriate page on the wiki for your topic.


3.  Fill in two website citation worksheets (you can use the encyclopia page for your second website or you can another print another website one here.)


4.  Complete at least one of the two graphic organizers that you got on Monday and Tuesday.


5.  Show your teachers that you have complete 3 citation worksheets and 1 graphic organizer.


6.  Create a "New Page" on the wiki.  Title it using your first name and last intial.


7.  Make sure to use the "CBA Template" when creating your page.


8.  Now you're ready to make a first attempt at answering the questions on the CBA Template.


9.  Good Luck!






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