Friday, September 18, 2009

Feudalism, Stock Market and Creative Economy

In class this past Thursday we did our first simulation. I chose one student from each class to be king or queen and they in turn chose 4 Lords or Ladies, who in turn chose some knights to protect their "manor". The remaining students were lowly serfs working the land. I was able to get a few props from Mr. Tresman (our part time librarian.
From Mr. Talmadge's Blog

In addition, I have been slowly giving out money in our creative economy. I use it both as an incentive for positive behaviors, and also as a deterrent for undesirable behaviors.
From Mr. Talmadge's Blog

Finally, I took each class to the lab this week to sign them up for the first trimester stock market contest. Contest rules are simple: spend at least 40,000 of the allotted 50,000 dollars and buy stock in at least 20 different companies. I would like to invite parents to participate as well. You should be able to click on the green box below to get signed up.
Join my free Stock Contest at! (password: smseagles)

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