Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Computer Lab Instructions

1.  Log on to your computer. 

2.  Open up Internet Explorer. 

3.  Go to <www.voicethread.com>. 

4.  Click on "sign in or register an account" in the upper right hand corner.  

5.  When the pop-up box opens, click on "register". 

6.  Fill in the boxes using the following format: 

8.  Click the "register" button. 

9.  On the next screen, click on "browse" in the upper left hand corner. 

10. Type "ss5" or "ss6" in the search box and hit enter.

11.  Find the picture that you were assigned in class by clicking on the 4 images

       in the lower right hand corner.

12.  Make two comments on that picture:

  • One that shows an interesting detail or a question that you have.

  • One that explains how the picture shows something from section 6.4.

13.  Find another picture that someone else has commented on and respond to

      their comment.




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