Thursday, November 26, 2009

Conferences Recap and Happy Thanksgiving

It was nice to meet everyone this past week.  I hope I was able to provide you with some good information and I thank you for sharing with me a bit about your family.  I left thinking that it's no wonder our 7th graders are such great kids.  Some of the common things that I tried to communicate are as follows:

·                     Students can retake/redo perfomance assignments (peformance assignments are worth 70% of the grade).

·                     I am available at lunch or after school on most days (excluding Wednesdays).

·                     I collect assignments on Friday, so students need to be organized enough to hold on to them for a few days.

·                     If daily classwork is not finished in class, then it becomes homework and needs to get done by Friday.

·                     Quizzes from this point on are CLOSED book, but OPEN workbook.

·                     Unit 2 about The Rise of Islam begins this coming week.

·                     Trimester 3 is Washington State History and students must pass to graduate from High School.

·                     If students are absent, they should check for accurate information.


We will have our final quiz of unit 1 on Monday (over information in chapter 6).  It was originally scheduled for this past week, but I decided to postpone it till Monday.  We did a review in class the last couple of days, but students may need to study a bit so that they are ready to go on Monday.  Also, thanks to those of you who volunteered your ideas for stock market contest prizes and even offered to bring some in.  You can just have your student bring them to me this coming week.  The last day of the contest is Monday.


Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  I know that I am thankful to get to spend my days with your amazing kids. Enjoy the long weekend.


Mr. T


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