Friday, May 8, 2009

Computer Lab Instructions

1. Review the Scoring Guide

• There’s a link to it in the “Important Links” list on the blog.

2. Review your Excel Map Planning Sheet

• Now that we are through with chapter 4, look back
over your first 8 items and make sure that they
connect to the things we’ve learned (e.g., Glacial
Lake Missoula, J Harlan Bretz, Differences in
East West Environment, Differences Between
Coastal and Plateau Indians, Sea Explorers, Lewis
and Clark.)

• Look at the sentences that you’ve written. Have
you included a title, a good bit of data, and
explained why that data is important to our state’s

• Have you included a picture or a link to an
interactive web item or both?

3. Look at chapter 5, who or what could you include as your items for that chapter?

4. Finally, consider how your map is formatted.

• Will you change font colors?

• Will you “color” the map?

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